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New journal people! [06 Feb 2005|07:16pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Yup, that's right! I'm back! ... anyway, here is my new journal : staticxchaos
It's exacley the same as my old journal, I just like this name better ;) Add me!!!

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talking about stuff [03 Sep 2004|02:35am]
[ mood | lonely ]

My brother is crazy! Ok, he is giving away like, half of his cd's. Not quite sure why. Anyways it's good news for me! He gave me his Poison the well CD!!! I was ecstatic! Plus the Mars Volta, Nine Inch Nails Live and A Perfect Circle! + some others. Not bad eh?
So I had a pretty good night. Me and my mom went shopping. It was actually pretty fun! I got a really nice school bag which will soon be littered with buttons. (I have a collection see) So then we wen't to La Senza and I got 6 pairs of underwear for 20 bucks! Good deal.
The other day my new friends made me a birthday cake! I felt so special, cause I'v only known these people for a couple months. So I wasn't really expecting it. It was nice to know they were thinking of me. Cause we havn't been hanging out that much.
So I emailed my "old" friend the other day. The one I left in Powell River. The one I hate. She was all like "Oh, It's soo neat cause I'm popular now" No joke! But she's always been like this. So insecure, always lying and bragging to boost her low self esteem. You know how it is...
I have decided to make my Journal public again :)
:Little Reminder:
The Used new CD "In Love & Death" comes out Sep. 28th
Check out there new single "Take it Away" on there site - www.theused.net =D Can't wait!!!

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Friends only, people :p [05 Jul 2004|10:11pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

So I have decided to make my journal:


... I will make a picture later.

Comment, and you shall be added. If I like you enough! ♥

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